Student Life

At New Hope, personal spiritual growth in all of our students is of utmost importance.

Spiritual formation happens best in community, and as such, NHCC seeks to promote a godly community on our campus. We strive to immerse students in healthy relationships, so as to provide integral support as they grow together as Jesus’ disciples.


An important goal of the Student Life Department at NHCC is to give every student the opportunity to have a mentor. With mentors, students can learn through observation and can model their lives after older believers who walk with the Lord. NHCC has a faculty and staff rich with teachers and ministers who will invest godly principles and experience into New Hope students.

Servant Leadership

At NHCC, we believe in God’s call on His people to be servant-leaders. Because of this call, NHCC views service, on and off campus, as an integral aspect of learning and growing in leadership development.

Local Ministry

The NHCC Student Life Department promotes student involvement in local churches. We believe every student should be a part of a local church community, as well as the NHCC community.

Character Development

Integrity and character development are high priorities at NHCC. The core of New Hope’s mission statement is to develop emerging Christian leaders. In the Student Life Department, we believe that the capacity to lead is dependent upon two elements: the talents God has given and the character a student develops. The Student Life Department seeks to help students grow in character so that their gifts and talents can be used to lead as God calls them.

Character Development

With Christ

  • Daily Devotions
  • Ignite Teams (small groups)
  • Spiritual Growth Conference
  • All-Night Prayer Meetings

With Community

  • City Service Project

With Cultures

  • Annual Mission Trips
  • Cross-cultural outreaches in U.S.A. and overseas

With Peers

  • Activities for all students
  • Corporate worship and prayer sessions
  • Harvest Party, special student events, clubs & more