Tuition & Fees
Registration Fee: $25/term
Personal Enrichment (Audit) Fee: $150/course
Books/Print Course Guides: Variable

Site-License Fee Schedule:

Students Cost/Course
0-10 $500
11-20 $1000
21-30 $1500
31+ $2000

Financial Aid
Due to federal regulations, US Federal Student Aid is not available to students enrolled as Continuing Education students. In order to receive US Federal Student Aid for distance education courses, students must be admitted and enrolled in an on-campus degree program and pay the normal fees associated with their degree program. Certain discounts and/or scholarships may be available to some Continuing Education students through the Office of Distance Education such as:

NHCC/EBC Alumni who have earned their bachelors degree from NHCC/EBC or any one of the historic Open Bible colleges may have their course fees waived for continuing education courses.