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Bi111D Introductory Bible Study by Larry Powers
Without question, the Bible is the greatest book in all the world. This class teaches you just how we got the Bible, the guiding principles to properly interpret it, and how to get the most out of your Bible study. A simple, practical method is taught, enabling you to understand and apply the Bible in your own life, and equipping you to teach it to others.

Bi112D Bible Survey by Larry Powers
An overview of the Bible in its historical progression and its effect on and value to the world, the course will emphasize the major themes of the Redeemer God and story of redemption from the beginning of Genesis through the Book of Revelation.

NT121D Kingdom of God by Gary Matsdorf
Ever wonder why some people are healed and others aren’t or why some struggles hang around more than others? What does it mean to pray, "Your kingdom come"? Why were most of Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom of God...and just what is it? This course will answer these and other kingdom related questions that literally act every aspect of your daily life with Jesus.

NT223D Romans & Galatians by Gary Matsdorf
A study of the structure and content of Pauls’ letters to the Romans and Galatians illuminating also the purpose and destination of the letters. The scope of Gods’ plan for all of mankind is progressively unfolded throughout the study.

NT353D Prison Epistles by Larry Powers
This course is a general study of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. The focus of this study is to provide the student with an overview of the setting, purpose, and general content of these books. The great truths of doctrine are considered, strong emphasis is placed on the outworking of these in the life of the believer, and how to share them with others.

Bi403D Apocalyptic Literature by Gary Matsdorf
An overview and analysis of Daniel and Revelation with consideration of Jewish/Christian apocalyptic literary tradition linking the two. The apocalyptic and prophetic nature of the textual material will be examined, as well as implications for contemporary pastoral practice and Christian living. Various schools of interpretation will be considered.

NT423D Corinthians by Larry Powers
An inductive study of the two Corinthian letters with an analysis of church and pastoral problems that gave rise to the letters and the application of Christian principles to their solutions.

Th301D Biblical Theology I by Lonny Burke
An introduction to the study of theology; the existence and nature of God; his written revelation, the Bible; and his ministering servants, the angels.

Th302D Biblical Theology II by Lonny Burke
An introduction to the study of the person of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work for mankind. The course also includes a study of the origin, nature, fall and destiny of man.


CM245D Life Skills of a Leader by Wayne Cordeiro
This course targets 21st century church leaders for becoming Gods’ speakers. It deals with grand principles in easy building blocks: upgrading character, personality, attitude, initiative, teamwork, and even how to become a great thinker.

CM251D Building and Leading Teams by Wayne Cordeiro
The aim of this course is to discover the dynamic principles of "Doing Church as a Team" - including effective team building, mobilization and fractal leadership - and learn how to effectively implement those principles in a 21st century church.

CM261D Bible-Centered Leadership by Wayne Cordeiro, Paul Leavenworth and Larry Powers
This course will give students an introduction into the importance and role of the Bible in the formation, development and effectiveness of the Christian leader. A Bible-Centered Leader refers to a leader whose leadership is informed by Biblical leadership values, has been shaped personally by Biblical values, has grasped the intent of Scriptural books and their content in such a way as to apply them to current situations, and who uses the Bible in ministry so as to impact followers.

CM335D Ministry Essentials by Wayne Cordeiro
As followers of Jesus Christ, the call to minister is ever before us. Answering that call is full of challenges and opportunities. From discerning and developing Gods’ call to learning how to build alliances to setting the right priorities, this class will explore some of the most important skills necessary for you to meet those challenges and opportunities successfully.

CM352D Creative Biblical Communication by Wayne Cordeiro
This course will instruct each student in the basic biblical principles of communication in public settings. We will cover the areas of the message, its structure, overcoming nervousness and communicating in spirit & truth. Students will present messages for evaluation. In addition, students will also evaluate sermons online and in person and develop a compilation of creative illustrations for use in preaching and/or teaching situations.

CM 361D Church Planting in the 21st Century by Wayne Cordeiro
This course covers principles for planting an effective and fruitful new church that is a missional force in the community. Topics include foundational leadership elements, visionary strategies, and church growth philosophies. Students learn basic church planting tools and produce a fully functional church plant proposal.

CM455D Christian Ministries Field Experience
This is a one-semester lab in which students are assigned to engage in a hands-on ministry internship within a chosen church or parachurch organization that will expose them to a variety of experiences consistent with their perceived calling and giftings under the supervision of a local pastor or ministry leader. Note: Students must have completed their core Bible and Christian Ministry courses in order to register for the course.


SS102D Life Essentials by Wayne Cordeiro
An introduction to many facets of the college experience, including academic and social concerns and financial management. This course gives new students an exposure to and practice of skills necessary to thrive in college. Instruction is by a team of faculty members and guests.

Hi202D History of Christianity by Larry Powers
A study of Christian history from apostolic times, through the Reformation to the present, this course will give specific emphasis to the Reformation and more recent Christian history.