Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take continuing education courses at NHCC?
The Office of Distance Education has an open enrollment policy for continuing education. Anyone may participate in the courses without regard to their previous college experience. However, we highly recommend that the student have the ability to do college level work if they plan to pursue a ministry certificate. Continuing Education students do not need to go through our normal college admission procedures. Rather, each student is required to submit a course enrollment form along with their course fees each semester. Continuing education students desiring to enroll in a residential program must meet all requirements for admission as stated in the New Hope Christian College catalog and make formal application through the Director of Admissions. Acceptance as a continuing education student does not imply acceptance as a residential student.

Are continuing education courses transferrable toward a degree program?
No. Continuing education courses are not transferrable toward the college’s bachelor degree programs. Continuing education courses are offered for the purposes of personal enrichment and growth.

Is financial aid available for the LIM program?
Due to federal regulations, US Federal Student Aid is not available for continuing education courses. Certain discounts and/or scholarships may be available to some continuing education students through our Financial Aid Office. Students should contact that office for further information.

Work load?
The work load for continuing education courses is commensurate with those offered to on-campus students. In addition to required text book reading, continuing education students should expect to spend 4-5 hours/week online (cohort learners may be offline) each week listening to video lectures, and reading lecture notes, taking quizzes and tests.

What are the technical requirements for continuing education courses?
A detailed list of technical requirements for cohorts and individuals can be found here

What technical support do you offer continuing education students?
Technical support for continuing education students is provided by the Office of Information Technology at NHCC. This includes support for assessing the minimum technical requirements for participation in courses, managing student access to MOODLE and troubleshooting access to and viewing of on-demand video resources.

What student support services are available to continuing education students?
Academic and financial advising is provided by the Office of Distance Education. Due to geographical location some limitation may occur in providing student activity opportunities, but basic services are provided in the area financial aid, enrollment, advisement, information and communication, and any other appropriate service needed to complete the LIM Certificate Program.