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Thank you for your interest in wanting to start a scholarship that will benefit the students of New Hope Christian College. Investing in students' education and life is a very noble and rewarding act and the total amount of your gift will be used to subsidize needy students.

Student tuition accounts for less that 50% of the costs, therefore your wiling hearted gift is greatly appreciated and it will bring eternal returns. Please inform us to which category you would like your gift designated towards:

Where needed most:

  • Missions and the Global Classroom
  • Athlete Students
  • Individual Students - If the scholarship is for an individual student, you may record the name of whose account is to be credited.

You may write a check to NHCC Scholarship Fund:

New Hope Christian College Scholarship Fund
2155 Bailey Hill Road
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Or you may contact our Business Administrator - David Brink (davidbrink@newhope.edu)