President’s Letter
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A Word From the President

It's a New Day!

I began as a freshman at Eugene Bible College, while we were yet on Olive Street. I lived in the large dorm called Conlee House on Patterson Street. We joined the women for breakfast in the basement of Ritchie House, and after our meal, we’d walk to Olive Street. Later that year, I would be hired as a youth pastor with Lighthouse Temple and my lifelong journey would begin.

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the journey and I wish the same for each student that God sends to New Hope Christian College (NHCC). The indelible mark of character, skills, and hunger that was deposited into me is what I want to pass onto as many students as I can.

Now, after 33 years pioneering churches in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim, I return to my alma mater to serve as president. My plan is to double the student enrollment in two years and to make NHCC one of the top exemplary Bible Colleges in the Northwest.

If you know of any young leaders called to serve God, this is the season for them to enroll.

I stand with the alumni of the past as we welcome the new and returning students for this fall semester. They will find many positive changes and several new programs, but what will always remain the same will be the heart of each staff and professor to give their best and to mentor each student into exemplary ambassadors for Christ.

Thank you to the many churches and pastors who have stood by our great college over the years. Our labor is not in vain in the Lord! Welcome to a new day that contains the same heart that Jesus had for this college when He began it!

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Dr. Wayne Cordeiro
President and Alumnus